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My approach

My approach is holistic.

It takes into account all the dimensions of the Being in the exploration and experimentation of the therapeutic effects of sound.

Sound has a vibratory nature, like everything else in the Universe.

Our body, our cells vibrate. When sound resonates with us and our bodies, it induces new states of being. It can evoke an emotion, relax or stimulate us, slow down or speed up our heart rate, etc.

Our body, our organs, our energy centers, are sensitive to sounds and their vibratory frequencies which interact with us through the resonance effect.

I explore the therapeutic effects of sound that harmonize, relax and provide physical and emotional well-being.

The Sound is here and now. It brings us back into our body. By paying attention to the Sounds we can experience the present moment and Full Consciousness; that state of “attentive presence” that allows us to fully enjoy Life and all that it has to offer.

Several ancestral techniques from Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism use sounds for their benefits on the body and mind. Paying attention to the Sounds allows us to go beyond the noise of the mind to find who we really are at the level of our deepest essence.

I propose different ways to generate and increase the vibratory effects of Sound, for example: with vowel chanting, mantra chanting, mantra bijas, Sound baths, etc.

These practices promote energetic rebalancing and the transformation of our Being by giving us access to our full potential.

I explore these different techniques in my Sound YOGA workshops as well as other practices such as: sound therapy (with therapeutic tuning forks), sound baths with highly vibratory musical or rhythmic instruments, spontaneous singing, etc.


“Music brings the soul into harmony with all that exists.” Oscar Wilde

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Alain Beaulieu presents his unique journey that led him to become a holistic health consultant.