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Alain Beaulieu: holistic health consultant.


Alain Beaulieu



Sonotherapy, PSIO light therapy, BEMER, Consulting services.

Alain Beaulieu: holistic health consultant.

For more than 20 years, I have been exploring music, voice, rhythms and sounds for their vibratory qualities in order to improve people’s well-being by raising their vibratory rate (energy).

I have training in sound therapy with MEDSON (Quebec-France) and in Healing Sound with BIOSONICS (New York).

Through my varied experiences, I have discovered the power of sound and vibration and the therapeutic potential to help people meditate, relax and recover their energy. I use crystal instruments (bowls, harp, pyramid, etc.), gongs, Tibetan bowls, chimes, RAV drum, Magic drum, Ocean drum, Native American drum, etc.

I have developed an approach with sounds and vibrations to offer different therapeutic activities, such as: sound meditations, sound journeys and vibrational workshops (vowel chant energy, conscious breathing, Brain gym, etc.).

In my sound and vibration events, I use musical instruments with a high vibratory quality that promote deep relaxation and energy recovery by the participants.

With the help of videos, I offer techniques and tips to help people in their daily well-being and maintain their full vitality.

I also present vibrational conferences (tips and strategies to raise your energy and improve your well-being in your daily life).

I offer counseling services for people with anxiety or stress and therapeutic treatments such as: PSIO light therapy, body tuning, etc.

Finally, I transmit techniques and products for relaxation even for people who are unable to meditate or relax: adults, teenagers or children. For example, PSIO light therapy provides great results for relaxation and sleep.

My approach

Alain Beaulieu presents his services and products

for relaxation and your well-being.

My goal is to help you integrate healthy lifestyle habits into your daily life for your well-being.

Cosmos Journey.

The CD
Cosmos Journey
is a co-creation by Alain Beaulieu and Isabelle Lipp (Harmonie-Son). An invitation to deep relaxation.

Cosmos Journey
is a Sound Journey with crystal bowls and binaural sounds. A rich musical atmosphere elaborated with several crystal instruments, Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes, flutes, RAV drum, Ocean drum, etc.

It is a sound experience that promotes deep relaxation, sleep and well-being. A good accompaniment for therapeutic care and relaxation.

To listen to the CD click on

Cosmos Journey




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